Personal Projects

Sound Redesign Stuff

Like any artistic field I try to keep my metaphorical blade sharp. 

Whenever I have down time from official projects I try to keep exploring the techniques and aesthetics of sound design through practice clips and ideas.

I am constantly in awe of the distinct sonic character of the overwatch hero roster. In an attempt to learn from this I decided to attempt a redesign of the hero Baptiste’s major abilities and interactions through Phase Plant patch designing.
When I’ve taken enough time to learn individual sonic ideas, eventually I attempt a clip that is longer in format to practice my storytelling ability.


I chose the Hades clip because it reflects a lot of the values I aspire to see in video games with its innovative game design practices and audio + visual development.

Being a big time fan of Destiny 2, I of course had to try and recreate one of my favourite weapons. Rather than my usual exploration of synthesis this was clip was an exercise on how to get more explosive impact from my plugins and samples.

Voice Design

The Crown is a small 1 month long endeavour to create a compelling narrative with a bunch of friends. The idea being to make a lore entry for an item in a game.
My role for this at large was creative direction and translated to performing a lot of production, organisation, voice direction, and overall sound/voice design.
For the game jam game Sunday,  I was in charge of all sounds, voices and music.
The voice design of this game was particularly noteworthy because of how I molded human vocalisations into robotic barks, phrases and exclamations. 
My usual MO is to simply redesign vocal chains as a method of learning. This time however I wanted to explore if I could recreate one character’s vocal identity to lend credibility of a faction shift of another character. I.e. Turn a non-robotic character into a robotic one that is believable to the original.

Informative Videos

Synthesizing Cozy & Techy UI

Coming soon!

How I made the cozy UI sounds in phase plant as seen in Loddlenaut. 

Just a showcase for now.



Making Robo Vocals with Manipulator

What’s interesting about the voice is the how keenly we perceive emotion. Wanting to expand that into my understanding of sound I took the game jam game Sunday as a chance to explore how to make characterful robotic barks, exclamations and vocalisations. 

Here’s an explainer on how I figured that out through manipulator and Ableton’s Beat repeat plugin.

Electricity Sound Design from White Noise

 A tutorial on making electricity source through white noise, ring modulation, distortion, comb filtering and amplitude modulation. 


Miscelleanous stuff that is still very cool, worthy of praise, financial compensation, applause, a wreath of high favour and financial compensation again

Freya Origin Story | Overwatch 2 Fake Character Project

I love the game Overwatch. From a gameplay, artistic, thematic and sonic perspective I think its an astonishing feat of game development and design. One of my larger goals in my dev career is thus to understand how creative direction and team collaboration function across creative, technical and production disciplines support incredible game experiences. I came up with this 1 month long project to discover as much about creative direction as possible. Overall it was fascinating to see how much can be achieved with a few talented individuals and a set of unified goals.

Master's Presentation: Player Engagement through Automated Player System Design

I have a deep fascination with game design. So much so that I decided to make it the topic of my masters paper at university. My topic being how player engagement arises from automated player system design, but more importantly an exploration on what is tangibly enjoyable about playing against these systems.

Firewatch - A Video Presentation on Emotional Design

A small presentation I made on why Firewatch is an incredible game filled with interesting development decisions and emotionally driven design across its disciplines.

Nairobi Design Week - Board Game Workshop Presentation

I was invited to speak to game developers in Nairobi about board game design during their 2021 Design Week. My topic being the symbiotic relationship between theme and mechanics in board game design.