Ulysses At Sea

Sound Designer

I design audio for games that is 

purposeful, inspired and collaborative

Available for Sound Design work in:

Sound Design Reel

Voice Design Reel

Commercial Works

Surgent Studios contracted me to assist with the Voice Design of this beautiful game about loss set in Bantu mythology.

I designed all enemy npc character creature and boss vocalisations and efforts.

Tales Of Kenzera: ZAU

Surgent Studios


Moon Lagoon

I worked as a supportive sound designer for this adorable deep sea biome restoration game. Through the projects development until completion I designed the game’s menu and in-game UI sound cues as part of the iGame.Audio sound team.

I was brought onto Desktop Dungeon Rewind during its final phases to revamp its sound scape from its original 2010 release. My tasks revolved around crafting new sounds, recreating old sounds, introducing dynamic mixing system amongst integrating general audio implementation through native unity.

Desktop Dungeons Rewind

QCF Design

Currently doing sound work for...